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Conversazioni a tramonto - Giovedì 9 luglio

Conversazioni a tramonto - Giovedì 9 luglio Chalet, Giardini Bucalossi, San Miniato ore 18:30 LAURA BALDINI INCONTRA STEFANO BRASCHI ,Attore di Elsinor centro di produzione teatrale...

Albania casa mia - Mercoledì 8 luglio

Albania casa mia - Mercoledì 8 luglio Piazza Duomo San Miniato ore 21:30 informazioni Biglietteria (presso la sede della Fondazione IDP): Lunedì - Sabato 9.30-13.00 e...

Teatrino Pinocchio - Lunedì 6 luglio

Teatrino Pinocchio - Lunedì 6 luglio Casa Culturale a San Miniato Basso alle ore 12.00 Conferenza stampa di presentazione della rassegna estiva per famiglie "Il Teatrino al...

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Along via Francigena

From the Middle Ages Via Francigena has been the pilgrimage path to Rome. It has been walked not only by single pilgrims but also by Kings, Popes and Princes. Along its path and during the years, inns hospitals, monasteries, boroughs, and castles have been established, therefore, the street has became an important channel for cultural and trade exchanges. Even these days Tuscany is maintaining traces  of this important street ,from the Cisa Pass to the border with Lazio ,in Landscape of incomparable natural beauty ,characterized by towns full of history and culture. Via Francigena in San Miniato passes through the old borough of San Genesio at the foot of the hill, which in ancient times was chosen by Popes, Emperors and Bishops, to host councils and follow diets. The Bishop Sigerico stayed in San Genesio during his journey back to Canterbury .These days San Genesio is one of the most important archaeological sites in Tuscany