Corazzano Corazzano


The oldest and most interesting Romanesque Church of St. John in Corazzano, which was ance called Quarantiana. It lies lonely on a small hill few hundreds kilometers far from the village Corazzano, formely called "Leccio" (Holm-oak), stretching lined up between the stream Orlo and the Egola. This church is very old: we have word of its existence as an early as 783, it was part of the diocese of Lucca for a long time and in 983 it had 20 villages and a dozen of churches under its jurisdiction. In 1200 it still had 12. The actual structure is of the XII century, it is totally made of bricks, with a beautiful crenellated bell tower on one side and the much later parsonage on the other; it has a saddle roof with a very suggestive apse. Its inside has been completely stripped and there is only the holy-water font left, once baptisimal font of the old parish churh of Barbinaia, and a fresco "Virgin Mary with the Infant Christ" of the XV century by Cenni di F. di Ser Cenni, while a painting by a follower of Andrea de Castegno was brought into the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in San Miniato; unfortunately other paintings and objects have been completely stolen. Near Corazzano there are some really valuable tobacco-factories and very beautiful typical Tuscan farm-houses and old homesteads. Between the village and Casatrada there is also the hamlet Agnoloni with its country house and little church. At Portici House, near the main road , archaeological findings have been made, probably of a destroyed tomb, approximately dating from between the III and the first decades of the II century B.C.